Business Owners

A new freedom, independence and quality of life are what spurred you to start your own business. 

Now that your business is successful and stable, the important consideration is how do you preserve what you have built, grow it more securely, keep it in the family or eventually sell it out entirely. 

Businesses operate in a variety of forms. Some are proprietorships; others are corporations as well as partnerships or joint ventures. 

There are a number of things you can consider when deciding on the structure of your business. Whether one method is appropriate or not will depend on your business objectives,, outlook, capital commitment, income, and liquidity requirements. Plans need to be customized to meet you and your family’s specific objectives. 

These are all relevant and key questions that you should address in your business planning set-up: 

·       What form of ownership is appropriate? 

·       Who owns common shares and controls the corporation? 

·       What about preferred shares and dividends policies? 

·       How about income splitting among family members? 

Is asset freezing the best way to transfer the future growth of the company to family members? 

Succession planning is the process of exploring your options so you can protect the value of your hard earned business investment and choose the right exit strategy that makes sense for you, for your business, and for your family. Whether you want to keep the business in your family or take the proceeds and move on, succession planning requires deep thinking and adequate time frame to arrange and implement. 

Majority of business owner’s wealth is concentrated in one successful business venture. Therefore it is very important that you integrate the business and personal investing planning together. 

A business owner’s investment plan should be tailored not only as a diversifier of business holdings, but also serve as compliment and support of the entity that generates the most income and wealth for the family.

Let an Argosy Investment Advisor work with you, your tax accountant and your lawyers to establish how best to structure your business to get the maximum benefit for you and your family.



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