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Argosy Securities Provides Their Clients With Customized Financial Solutions.

Selecting the Right Investments

Before we recommend any investment, we consider the current economic conditions, the outlook for that asset class or type of security and how this investment fits within your portfolio given your objectives and risk tolerance. For equity investments, we focus primarily on the philosophies, experience and track record of the management team. With fixed income investments, we look for the best yield available for a given quality of security. We strive to obtain the most appropriate investment vehicles to meet your objectives.  

The first step in deciding what sort of financial help you need is to figure out what you actually need help with. That sounds a little redundant, but many people think there’s a one-size-fits-all solution to finances. There isn't.

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Have you ever wondered what is holding you back from achieving great wealth in your life?

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Your Financial Independence

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 Independent Thinking!

Everyone wants the peace of mind that comes from knowing their investments are on track to meet their long-term financial and retirement goals. 

At Argosy, we take tremendous pride in our independent thinking that sets us apart from the other financial institutions. Our investing mantra has always revolved around unbiased analysis of the market without becoming swayed by the common consensus. We use this expertise to remain focused on our goal to increase the wealth of our clients. 

As our clients reach their goals, we pride ourselves in the freedom that wealth creation generates. Wealth creation empowers our clients and gives them more personal freedom. 

We believe in not being afraid to be a contrarian; this means having an independent mindset and turning out the voices of popular view of various other institutions. We look at available options before we make investment recommendations. 

By examining your personalized approach to wealth generation, we will keep all of your individual needs in mind by structuring your investment portfolio and selecting an appropriate investment mix.   

Our Wealth Building Strategies will help you to build your personal wealth creation by providing you with a broad range of product choice, expert advice, as well as core and trading portfolio selection. 


Some major investor concerns include: 

  1. How do you build wealth while keeping the big picture in mind as well as providing adequately to your current needs? 
  2. How can I obtain the highest return with minimum risk? 
  3. How can I protect both principal and profits?
  4. What can I do to build wealth and add value to my investment portfolio moving forward into the future?

A Generation X Retirement

Slacker, cynic, social critic... If you were born sometime between the early 1960s and 1980, you may have heard adjectives like these used to describe your generation. I am a Gen-Xer, and I am still haunted by the chorus of news people telling me that mine would be the first generation to do less well than our parents. Once that factoid made its rounds, Generation X never stood a chance, despite the unprecedented success, wealth and innovation many of us have managed to achieve. 

The latest area in which we are reportedly not measuring up: retirement. Turns out, Generation X may never be able to retire. A study by the Pew Charitable Trusts called “Retirement Security Across Generations” found that Gen-Xers lost about 45% of their wealth in the 2008-2010 financial crisis. (Of course, it also points out that the savings rates among this group were already low on average.) "At the median," the report reads, "Gen-Xers will have enough resources to replace only about half of their preretirement income." Add to that the concerns that CPP may not be able to live up to its promise after the Baby Boomers are through with it, and things are looking a bit bleak for the MTV generation.

Despite the predictions, Generation X can still retire comfortably. Here's some advice for saving for a Gen-X retirement.

Aim to Save Between 10% of Income and your Contribution Limit

At this point in life, many of us will have had at least one RRSP. If you have a RRSP through your current employer, use it. If you are already saving in personal RRSP, increase your contribution. Somewhere between 10% of your gross income and the contribution limit (23,820 in 2013) is what you want to aim for in your 30s and 40s. Once you are in your 50s, you can add part off your unused contribution room from previous years to increase your maximum. 

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