Client Value - What Sets Us Apart

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Independent Open Architecture

At Argosy, we take tremendous pride in our independent thinking that sets us apart from the other financial institutions. Our investing mantra has always revolved around the unbiased analysis of the market without becoming swayed by the common consensus. We use this expertise to remain focused on our goal to continuously increase the wealth of our clients.

Full-Service Wealth Management

We are everything having to do with wealth. Our independent advisors provide customized guidance based on your entire financial picture. Be it retirement planning, effective tax investing, estate planning, complex investment solutions, preservation strategies, or a combination of them all – we handle it.

The Argosy Difference


Our Recommendation Process

Our Argosy advisors rely on extensive third party resources, fundamental analysis combined with technical analysis but under overvalued assets and exploit flow fluctuation in price movement for both entry and exit position in managing our clients trading portfolio.


Broad Marketplace Advantage

We offer the best of big products from the broad marketplace. Because our advisors are independent, they are not tied to any investment program, family of investments, funds, banks, or any insurance company investment products. If the product is best fit for your investment objectives, then it will be recommended. No fund has a monopolistic hold or influence on an Argosy Advisor.



Fee-based accounts may be suitable for investors who appreciate investment and planning advice but also want to reduce the transaction fee on any ongoing buying and selling in the portfolio. With this structure, the advisor has a direct incentive to work on having your account increase in value - this should remove any perceived conflict of interests as advisors are on the same side with clients.


Free Financial Plan

The financial plan is a customized guide for you to achieve the financial goals you have set for yourself. We know the importance of the financial plan and we are eliminating any barrier to your receiving it. Your advisor will work with you to construct and follow your financial plan.

The Business Owners' Premier Solution

Central to Argosy’s approach for business owners is the consideration of the business’s structure, business objectives, outlook, capital commitment, income, liquidity requirements and succession planning. Plans need to be customized to meet your and your family’s specific objectives.

It's Personal, Not Just Business!

The need for new freedom, independence and quality of life spurred you to start your own business.


We know you have taken risks. Now that your business is successful and stable, the important considerations are now how to preserve what you have built, how to grow it more securely, and whether to keep it in the family or divest.


The majority of business owners’ wealth is concentrated in one successful business venture. Therefore, it is very important that you integrate the business and personal investing planning together.

A business owners’ investment plan should be tailored not only as a diversifier of business holdings but also serve as a complement and support of the entity that generates the most income and wealth for the family.