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Argosy is the perfect place for the advisor entrepreneur who values freedom, network and family. Argosy Securities is a boutique private wealth management company, registered as a Securities Dealer, with offices located all across Canada. We are not associated with any bank or other financial institution, which allows us to use our independent thinking. Our mission is to earn your trust and confidence by doing what is right for you and your business. We provide a uniquely flexible and supportive business model that provides advisors, and their clients, the opportunity to optimize their success. At Argosy, you will become part of one of the best client-focused, entrepreneurial firms in the investment industry.

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Here At Argosy

Our recognition of your value to the firm goes beyond financial rewards. We appreciate our advisors and we show it every day. We have a first-class recognition program that you only have to experience to believe. We absolutely love our advisors. This is part of our culture is a unique point of differentiation.


A safe and healthy diverse admin and advisor workforce lends itself to the many warm experiences you will have.

We Value You

We Are Accountable and So Are You

Advisors at Argosy enjoy independence and flexibility. They chart their own path and push toward their ambitious financial goals. Though there is freedom, there is responsibility. Our advisor-focus and client-centric position holds us all accountable as stakeholders. We support you in your practice so that taking care of the clients is your primary focus. We respect our clients’ business.
We Take Care Of You, You Take Of Your Clients

Your Transition

At Argosy, we recognize the importance of a timely and smooth transition of your business and are committed to providing you with service that is prompt, efficient and ongoing. Our transition team is determined to make your transition transparent to your clients, eliminate downtime and ensure that you and your staff become intimately familiar and comfortable with our personnel, procedures, and resources.

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