Our Solutions - Portfolio Construction


Portfolio Construction

A well-structured portfolio provides an investment foundation for the creation of wealth. At Argosy, we construct your portfolio with a suite of investments that reflect your risk tolerance and suitability consideration with your time horizon and long-term growth objectives.

Different Alternatives

As we construct your portfolio, diversification, asset classes, volatility, and risk-return expectations are critical and central considerations built in our recommendations to you.

Adding Alternatives

The properly constructed portfolio answers these investor questions:

  • How do I build wealth while keeping the big picture in mind while providing adequately to my current needs?
  • How can I obtain the highest return with minimum risk?
  • How can I protect both principal and profits?
  • What can I do to build wealth and add value to my investment portfolio moving forward into the future?

Designed For You

Your investment portfolio is customized based on your investment goals, time horizon, and financial circumstances. Argosy Advisors use a dynamic process in getting to know and understand you.

Expect More From Your Investments

Want more peace of mind when it comes to your investments? We have you covered. Wealth creation empowers our clients by giving them more personal freedom and choices when it comes to investing.

Tax-Efficient Investing

A key component of investing is the after-tax investing results. It is not how much return you receive, it is how much return you get to keep after taxes. We help you do just that. Expect more, get more.


Our open architecture broad market product access and customized solution differentiate us in the value of advice. We balance that in taking an active approach to portfolio construction and management of risk and return.

Asset Classes

We identify asset class allocation trends and shift to capture more investment opportunities for our clients.


Peace of mind comes from knowing that your investments are on track to meet your financial goals even through times of volatility and uncertainty in the market.


We are actively working to make the most of your investment by studying and researching the trends that would benefit you. We make sure your money works hard so you don’t have to.


We know that investing requires quality of temperament way more than it requires quality of intellect. Our advisors are not guided by impulse but a methodical and in-depth study of the market.

Constant Care

At Argosy, we provide high-quality advice by offering customized investment solutions and ongoing personal services to help you achieve your financial goals today and for all the days to come.