Client Value - Working With An Advisor


Balanced, In-depth,
Custom, Deliberate

As your wealth grows, your wealth management needs require more complex solutions, in depth analysis, customized approaches, deliberate decisions and balanced choices. At Argosy, our advisors are experienced wealth managers who have proven themselves over and over to be among the best in the industry. Working with an Argosy Advisor means you are deliberately positioned to not only grow your wealth, but to preserve it as well.

Relationships Not Transactions

The Argosy Advisor provides a relationship that is responsive, attentive, and personal. Your advisor will focus on building deep, long-term relationships.

Our advisors play an important role at every stage of your investment journey, we make a qualitative yet tangible difference in the life of investors across Canada.

Independence, transparency and open architecture are at the core of our differential. It's about the flexibility for our investment advisor to deliver customized advice tailored to the uniqueness of each client. Our clients value our depth of talent and experience, along with our personable and collaborative style. Investment advice is human, best delivered one-to-one, and must fit in the money personality of each client.Dax Sukhraj

Masters At Their Craft – Wealth Advisors

To improve your wealth, it is not sufficient to simply earn and save money. You must actively invest to make your money grow. An Argosy Advisor will assist you on your money journey towards money success and financial prosperity. Our advisors are not just knowledgeable, they are masters at their craft.

Wealth Consultation

At this stage a cross-sectional snapshot of your current financial position is examined. We ascertain your investment appetite, upcoming life decisions that will impact finances, and discuss your wealth goals to draft your custom plan. Let's create your prosperity picture.

Wealth Creation

Our fresh perspective, technical market analysis, investment selections, income planning and forecasting tools, are added and deployed for optimal results. We also look at every available option before we make investment recommendations.

Wealth Management

We take a holistic approach when it comes to managing wealth for our affluent clients. Our advisors create a strategic plan to encompass current and future financial needs and expectations.

Wealth Preservation

Accumulating wealth is no easy task, so why not make sure that it is preserved? An Argosy Advisor will take the time to make sure that your investment strategies are on track to be enjoyed during retirement or passed down to future generations.

Net Worth Not Income

Remember, growing your net worth is less about your income and more about the management of your entire financial position and projection. This is where peace of mind begins.

Leave It To Us

Everyone wants the peace of mind that comes from knowing their investments are on track to meet their long-term financial goals. Perhaps one obvious benefit more so than any other provided by a professional investment advisor, is the investor’s opportunity to simply relax. Keeping tabs on the stock market, staying abreast with financial news, seeking solid traditional and alternative investment opportunities is our specialty.