About Us - Philosophy


Independent Thinking

At Argosy Securities, our investing mantra has always revolved around an unbiased analysis of the market without becoming swayed by the common consensus.


We believe in not being afraid to be contrarian, this means having an independent mindset and creating our own unique footprint in the investing landscape.


Our objectivity coupled with our in-depth industry knowledge and investment selection expertise makes us great at what we do. We use this expertise to remain focused on our goal to increase the wealth of our clients. We invite you to experience the value our independence brings to your investment journey.

Our Core Expertise

From Investment Strategies to Estate Planning

Selecting the Right Investments

Before we recommend any investment, and within the context of your objectives and risk tolerance; we consider the current economic conditions, the outlook for that asset class or type of security and how the investment fits within your portfolio.

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Tax Efficiency

Paying more than your fair share is not your responsibility. There are proven ways to invest so that you can defer or reduce your tax burden. With an Argosy Investment Advisor, you can explore opportunities to minimize the amount of your money spent on taxes. Constructing your portfolio correctly will maximize your returns in a tax-efficient way.

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Wealth Management

Wealth is created over time and takes time. Your future life goals and retirement quality of life will be affected by your wealth building program. Our strategies help you to build and accelerate your personal wealth by a broad range of product choice, investment selection and active management.

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Superior Investment Experience - chess pieces

Superior Investment Experience

Argosy stands out as a boutique premier independent investment dealer in Canada. Since 1997, we have been a focused provider of  investment solutions and sector expertise to improve investment results and to grow your portfolio.


Most people believe in the conventional wisdom about stocks, managing money and or wealth building.

At Argosy, we believe you need to apply various stock principles in your investment strategy and we can assist you in developing your core trading and special opportunity portfolio. Your exit point of trade is as important as the entry point.